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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Have a Great Day

The world seems to go so fast these days that often I find myself lost in chaos. Never quite sure what comes next makes life unpredictable. Having a good attitude is not always easy when life is like this. I learned a few tricks in my career as a Nurse Aide working in the behavior ward. One of those things is to lie to myself be happy even when there is no possible way to be happy. 
One thing that I do and you can as well is to make a list of all your favorite things. I am a list maker no matter what it is budget, groceries, tasks to be done so making a list like this was something that came easy. It made me look at my list and see that my life was more stable than I believed it was.
On my list there were things like
  • watching my grand-children play ball
  • enjoying ice cream with my children
  • having conversations with the ones I take care
  • watching the stars with my husband.

What would be on your list?? As you go through your day pay attention to all the details that you love. Create a list and read them did it surprise you?? 

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