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Friday, June 3, 2016

Keep a smile on your face with a bit of humor

Where I work one of the most important things to do is stay in a positive attitude and use humor when ever possible. The ability to think fast also helps as we work in a behavior ward but if you get the individual to smiling and laughing there is no way that they can be angry or that is what I want to think and it normally always works. Well, Today, June 3rd is a great day to look at humor and the basic role it plays.

It seems that humor has a couple of different faces. It can be positive or negative and leave effects as so. In most part my choice is to be positive. But I have used some other uses of humor as well.

When dealing with individuals who are upset that they can not do a task any more it is good to let them know that there are things that you can not do as well. Use humor poking at yourself will help provide relief that they can not do something. They may even start loving on you and making you feel better.

One of the worst forms of humor but a fun one as long as everyone realizes that we are all joking is put down humor. Teasing others, using sarcasm and ridicule is something that we often do to cut the stress. This type of humor aimed at politicians, actors, etc... can help form social bonds.

There are those that joke to help make bonds. These jokes help to lighten the stress of the atmosphere. Humor can either provide a sense of togetherness or isolate others.

Those who can have a sense of humor in their own life is one that is normally happy. They see the bright side of things and are not to serious. They use humor to deal with stress in work and at home.

We should all use a bit of humor to keep our life easier

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