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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Have you ever composted?? I believe that my in-laws composted before it was ever known how to or why. They did it because they knew that it would allow them to find fishing bait as well as provide material to help the garden. They would throw everything from coffee grounds to table scraps into it. While they may not have known that they were composting they actually were. Do you??

Composting is a simple way to add fuel to plant growth and restore vitality to depleted soil. It is a free and easy to make and does good for the environment as well. It conditions the soil and creates material that will help the lawn and garden. 

While my in laws used a special area in the yard to compost you may want to purchase a composting bin to use. No need for it to have any fancy gadgets or be on wheels. A simple, upright barrel will do just fine. I have seen friends use the barrel out of an old washing machine. Air needs to be able to get in and it needs a seal.

You can put anything that was once alive into the compost bin. Use potato peels, apple cores, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper towels, cooked and raw leftovers. Newspapers and brown bags can be added to the compost pile as well. The compost bin needs to stay slightly damp. If it seems dry add a bit of water or throw in the leftovers of your coffee pot.

The compost bin will seem to shrink. The reason is because decomposition has started. The winter weather may slow or stop the process but continue to add to the bin. When the spring thaw comes the decompose will begin again. It takes about a year for everything to decompose to where you can remove it from the base of your bin and use it to enrich your soil. or use in your household plants.

Never add in fats, dairy or animal waste. These items will attract critters. They will decompose but the critters are not desirable by everyone.

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  1. I compost my kitchen vegetable and garden waste. I keep adding to my wire "barrel" until my fall cuttings go in. Then I bury everything in a pit, add compost accelerator, and cover the pile with several inches of dirt. I water it well and cover everything with plastic held down by boards. I let it "cook" until spring when I open it up and dig in the compost before I plant in the same bed. It gets rid of waste without hauling it to town and to the dump and helps me build up my potato patch. - Margy


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