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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Country Cooking Month

I grew up in a small rural town. Home cooking was what we enjoyed daily. The style of cooking is now often called country cooking. All I know is that it was good. Summer time is a great time to enjoy some good old fashioned cooking. Meal planning and preparing, canning and freezing items from the garden, jellies, jams, preserves, pickles and relishes all are prepared as well. Everyone loves a barbq cookout and we love our backyard grilling. With all the busy work in the kitchen June has become known as a country cooking month. 

Country cooking is cooking with good recipes. Making homemade meals out of what you have on hand. It is a great way to be frugal but taste good as well. Country cooking could also be related to the foods and traditions of their homeland. The memories of eating meals with you family are heart warming and we often want to make those memories again. Those against country cooking believe it is fatty, unhealthy foods and bad cooking methods. 

Country Cooking does not have to be unhealthy. In the old days artery clogging, fat filled, meal that your great great grandmother served has been updated. Each generation has did their share to make the recipe a bit better by altering the recipe to make room for new cooking methods, foods , seasonings and serving ideas. The same awesome flavor is available it is just simply better for you. Like any cooking you are the one putting the good in it and it is what you make it.

Bring those memories alive of the old country cooking and home cooking that your family did in generations before. Share the thoughts and memories with your family as you dine on a dish that reminds you of that special person. Family bonds, heritage and yes budget friendly meals can all be reached via home cooking. 

During this month celebrate Country Cooking Month via:
your favorite country cooking or perhaps even heirloom recipe

make, bake or cook a recipe from scratch. We have become too dependent on mixes and boxes

I love my cast iron skillets they just make all taste wonderful try a recipe prepared in cast iron

cook up a fish dinner with hush puppies and slaw

if you don't grow your own then visit a farmer market to cook up a "fresh from the garden" side dish

make up a dish that you remember from child hood but never cooked before

cook from leftovers 

cook on the grill 





Have a bit of fun. We will be sharing recipes that you can follow along during this month as well. 


  1. Absolutely love homecooking! I grew up with it, I did it for my own kids, and still do it today for my hubby in our empty nest!

  2. Homecooking is what we love, my husband and I always do it.

  3. Nothing can ever beat home cooked meals, especially the ones from your childhood. It would be nice to taste my granny's recipes again, just the way that she used to cook them.

  4. I'm a total foodie so I all about home cooked food!!! Nothing better if you ask me ;-)


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