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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Soar book review

Many may think that living in God's power means that life is constricted and no fun. The truth is that it can be a thrilling freedom. It is not easy to live faithfully for Jesus and even Jesus' disciples knew this. Men trying to live for Jesus often find their selves in life dilemma it is through the "holy spirit" that  they get comfort and assurance. The Holy Spirit is often misunderstood by both Christians and those that are not. Since it is hard to follow something that we can not see it takes faith to follow and believe. In the same aspect many Christians know the feeling that we just simply can explain. It is the feeling over joyment and appreciation it is the "Holy Spirit" and believe me it is a super feeling. Kenny Luck the author of  the book "Soar" shares the Holy Spirit in a modern manner for the Christian man. Kenny Luck is a men's pastor and church leader want to help spread the excitement of the Holy Spirit. In hopes of putting excitement into the old bland faith and feeding the hunger that has been present to empower the spread of Christ through out the world. The book has been designed so that the book can be read alone as a devotion or used in small group discussions. As the mother of sons my frustration was that many men leave their faith alone to the world and I for one am a mother who wants my sons to embrace their faith and the Holy Spirit and share it with all they meet. Soar is the book that will help them do just that.

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