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Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

!!!WHOA!!!! What a week. I am just coming off of a week of work where I only had 1 day that I did not work. Man was it busy. So this week the meals will be simple and short like tonight I made

Baked Beans and Wiener Bake
where I mixed large can of pork and beans, bell pepper diced up, seasoned it all up and added sliced up wieners. Put it in the oven and baked and it was delicious. I also served chicken nuggets along side and because Keebler cookies were on sale last week we had those for dessert

Tommorow is my only day off so we will be having Sweet and Sour chicken

Not only delicious but may keep my family happy while they survive this week with me

sloppy joes and chips with cookies for dessert can we say nice and easy :)

baked cubed steaks, potatoes, corn and jello for dessert this will be another meal that is easy for me to make but pleasing for the famiy that is what keeps them happy which keeps me happy in return

pizza night or otherwise eat out

finally the weekend and its my weekend off :) Tonight will be steak and taters with strawberries for dessert

crockpot meal I am counting on Slow Cook Swiss Steak

what are you making this week for your meals? I shared this meal plan here

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  1. Gals like you who post so many beautiful food pictures just leave me in awe! Love your blog.


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