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Friday, December 3, 2010

  1. I have been finding lots of amazing sales at and the great thing is I am using amazon dollars that I earned through out the year for participating in different blog events. This is wonderful to me since it is less stressful season and one that I can truly just enjoy the reason for the season
  2. Talking about the reason for the season the sermon this past Sunday was amazing as well. A point of view was brought out that made me think. Have we as Christians made a commercial status for the words "Jesus is the reason for the season" . If you look around there are coffee cups, tees, etc... just as commercial as any. We all know that he is the reason for the season but it must go much deeper than just a slogan
  3. My daughter is starting to make plans to move out. She has started once again looking at the colleges to attend. This time she will have no worry as I believe that she can get grants to pay for college and will have her nurse aide certificate to work and make money she needs to live on.
  4. We have our reservations in to attend the extension meeting held once a year for the entire state. This year the event will take place about a week after Christmas and will find us all having a great time The youth seem to love it and the adults enjoy getting together with other adults who love to praise the Lord as well
  5. Basketball has started this past week with our team getting their first game. yeah!!!! Go Bulldogs!!! We are looking bright a bit short in the leg but a lot of speed. Football and Baseball are the sports that our school is really grand in but we can do well in Basketball as well.
  6. College is starting to wind down for the semester and the pressure to get it all done is here. The finals are just around the corner and my kids are studying away preparing for the future
  7. Our tree is not up yet but we have planned where it will go and will have it up by this weekend. We are all looking forward to having the tree up as it makes it more like Christmas
This is what my household has been up to what have you been doing? Share or read others at the blog Conversion Diary

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