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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Butch's BBQ Products review

Here in southern illinois BBQ is not only a season it is year round. The succulent sophistication of southern BBQ is something that gets in the blood and travels through the generations. It is contagious and an overpowering sensation that makes one keeps looking for delicious BBBQ. I have found a wonderful new product that will make those who BBQ do flip flops. The new sauces and rubs that I have found have all been tested and tried and have traveled through the U.S. and even into Cananda the products go by the name of Butchs Smack Your Lip BBQ I have shared with you in the past about delicious BBQ flavors I have found from sources such as Pork Barrel BBQ and, Country Bob and now you can add to the list another wonderful BBQ products, one that I am very impressed with because they create sauces like I love with a sweet and spicy touch but others with heat and even more with more heat. You could say that Butch's BBQ is perfect for the entire family.

I love to watch T.V. shows like food t.v. One of my favorite shows are competition shows, like the barbq cookoffs. Butch does more than watch BBQ competions on t.v. he actually competes in them and has for over 25 years and has won over 500 awards. This much experiences must mean that he is doing something right. The great thing is that Butch is sharing his talent through his wonderful BBQ products.   
Butch's BBQ products include eight (8) products ranging from mild BBQ sauce to Butch's Super Pyro Fragilistic Habanero Wing Sauce  and magic dust in two different flavors mild and cajun. Whatever your heat Butch can fix you up with one of his famous BBQ products. These products are only the tip of the ice berg when you learn that Butch has created a DVD to help you learn all the great tips to BBQ. We recieved a nice box of products ranging from sweet and spicy to Super Pyro sauces aa well as a mild magic dust and magic dust BBQ seasoning to use in place of salt and pepper. We received these products in just a few days prior to Thanksgiving and all though we so wanted to barbq up some meat we waited til just today. Let me tell you it was delicous. I am not one for a lot of spice so I wanted to try the sweet and spicy sauce and did. It was delicious with just a bit of spice to remind you that you were eating barbq. My son who loves spice tried the pyro and he enjoyed the spicier sauce as well. As of yet no one has been brave enough to try the super pyro but then the real heat lovers were not at my house today so we will save for later. The meat tasted wonderful hubby used a bit of the magic dust and it was amazing. To tell you the truth as I stated before Butch's BBQ can please the entire family no matter what limit of heat one desires.   
Butch's BBQ products would make the perfect Christmas present for those in your life who feel that BBQ is more than an event it is a life style. You can purchase Butch's BBQ sauce from their website located at


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  2. A cook book on DVD showing how to use the sauces - great idea. I'd like that one.

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