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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mopping the Kitchen Floor

One of my dreaded jobs that seems like I do it more than my fair share is mopping the kitchen floor. I now can see why grandma would get so mad at us for spilling on the kitchen floor right after she got done mopping it.

How to Mop a Floor:
The best way to mop a floor is to start with the cleanest pallet possible so go ahead and sweep or vacuum that floor. Fill a bucket with hot water and add a small amount of cleaner to the water. Cleaners you can use include detergent, ammonia, or floor cleaner. The cleaner choice is up to you just read the directions on the container prior to using Now after the floor is clean and the water is ready it is time to start mopping the floor. First dip your mop into the bucket. Wring out the mop using your hands or if you have a mop that has a wringer you can use that as well. The best way to scrub (mop) is to go in a straight line if you are using a sponge mop or if you are using a rag mop then swirl the mop head in figure eight shapes. To remove hard stains you will have to apply pressure to the mop. Now that you have started mopping you will want to occasionally wring the pop out in the bucket One of the most important steps one that is not always possible for me is to let the floor dry before walking on it.

Tips to help while mopping the floor
1. Flip your mop over often to expose a clean side. If you use only one side you will have to rinse it more, wasting time.

2. Before you mop your floor be sure to vacuum or sweep it first. Remove soil when it is dry before it turns into sticky mud.
3. Use the correct amount of floor cleaner. If you try to be cheapo and use too little it will not work as quickly. if you use too much you will leave a residue on the floor making it get dirty quicker.
4. Make at least two passes over each area. On your first pass you will wet the floor with cleaner. Give the cleaner time to work and then remove the soil on your second pass.
5. Rinse your mop often to keep from spreading dirt around. If your floor is very soiled you may need to dump your mop water one or two times.

Well having shared this information with you I am off to mop my floor. Hope you all have a great day.

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  1. I loathe mopping...seriously loathe it. I have hardwood floors throughout my entire house with nary a carpet in sight. I use a steam mop, which makes the chore a little more bearable. Before I purchased that mop, I used your method with vinegar and hot water for cleaning. The vinegar does not leave a residue, plus it make the floors shiny. When they need to be redone, we'll only need to scuff up the top layer instead of sanding down to the wood before applying sealer. Anything to make those floors look good. :o)

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday! :o)


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