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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips for Keeping A Spotless Kitchen

Homemaker Monday

One thing that I hate is having guest over and my kitchen not being tidy. Here are some tips that may help you be prepared for guest with a clean kitchen:

  • One great idea to help keep the top of fridge from getting cluttered is to create a display on top of your fridge that takes up the entire space or placing a decorative item up there that does the same. I love vintage items so on top mine I have a beautiful old pitcher and glass set that I have spaced out to cover the top
  • Were you aware that the top of your microwave works better if not covered with mic... items? Well it does. If you insist on items being on the microwave or they end up there somehow then one thing that you can do is place a pedestal bowl on top of the microwave as sort of a catch all. this allows the microwave to still breathe as well
  • Organizing pantry space will not allow them to look neat but also help you put groceries away as often make it easier to find that ingredient when cooking. Separating items by use or variety are two great ways to set up your pantry.
  • One idea to keep counter space clear is to attach appliances such as coffee pot, can opener, etc... on the under neath side of the cabinet
  • One tip that I use all the time is to clean as you go. This takes less time because you have it all done as you cook and also makes kitchen look much better
  • One pet peeve of mine is when we save leftovers but for one reason or another do not label them. The best thing to do with left overs is to label them with date, and what it is. Remember these items have shelf life as well.
I hope that these tips help you not only during the holidays but help to make life a bit easier. It seems to me that if my home is tidy I am happy. Do you have any tips to share would love to hear them please share in comments

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