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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday : Back to School


Well, all of my kids are now either in college, high school, or raising their own family. My eldest daughter is a mother and wife and does an excellent job at it I am proud of her. My granddaughter will be 2 in September. She is a bit spoiled but full of love and manners. My eldest son started at the university first day was a bit of he_ _ but today is the second day and he says all is going well. I have 2 in jr. college and another will join them in January. They are all doing it feeling great it is a bit different from high school but primarily the same with some added freedom. I wish them all as well as all my readers great days in the future

My husband is so funny when it comes to knowing where all the kids are. When my children were younger I was the one who sat up with them and watched over them, knew where they were all the time, grounded them when I did not and just basically worried. Now that they are nearly all adults my husband has kicked into gear. I have learned to have open conversation with my children trust them and have faith in my Lord that they will be where they say they are and that the lessons that they learned in early years will stay with them. My husband however walks the floor in worry of where the kids are and what they are doing while I say my prayers call my kids say good night and go to bed. Role reversal at this age is very funny. I wonder what he will do when they are all out on their own.

Shout out to my nephews who started school this past week as well. They are in Kindergarten and first grade. i am sure their little sister will be missing them when they are all gone but it probably also gives their mom a break. I wish them lots of fun and good studies ahead.

What are your random thoughts this week?


  1. This just made my day :) Family...nothing better :)

  2. is princess' bday the 1st or 2nd?


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