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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Faves

  1. The beautiful weather we have been experiencing as of late. Lovely short sleeve still a bit warm but cool enough where you don't feel like you are inside of a dryer on the high setting

  2. School it seems that all my chilren are enjoying it . There have been big changes for many of them and I am so happy to see all is going so well

  3. Family it is funny that no matter how long we go with not seeing extended family we are always welcomed in with open arms. I love belonging to a family like this.

  4. I am loving the fact that my granddaughter loves to listen as her mommy reads her books.

This is one of my favorite photos this week. The boys played their scrimmage game and before the game they huddled and prayed. Take note there were no coaches involved this was just done by a fine group of young men.


  1. You can't beat beautiful weather!

    Hope it continues into the weekend for you!

    Happy FFF!

  2. the photo is great. I love the initiative of the young man.
    glad that you're enjoying the weather and that your children are enjoying school..I think that will always make a mama's heart happy.
    Have a fun weekend!

  3. I love the photo, too. It always warms my heart to see sports team praying, at any level. So glad school is going well for all your children. A blessing indeed.

  4. the shot of the guys praying! I'm glad you are getting good weather. Have a great weekend.

  5. Extended family is wonderful and comforting.

    Love the picture of the football players, very touching.

  6. Great list! Cooler weather is a blessing. Awesome picture!

  7. Love that last picture! And it does a mama's heart good when her kids are doing well, doesn't it?

    Have a great weekend.

  8. I love that last picture. How awesome that it was the boys that took the initiative and not the coaches making them. So touching!

    The way you described the hot weather cracked me up. Now that is hot! We had our hottest day here the other day. 91*F. Now I know that is cool for some of you but it almost melted me.


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