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Friday, August 27, 2010

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday. Does it seem like it is Friday to you? Wow the week has gone so fast. I am so happy to be joining in on Aloha Friday. I have missed a few weeks and finally I am back to join in with other friends in a fun meme Aloha Friday hosted by An Island Life blog. Aloha Friday if you are not familiar with it is where bloggers get together to ask a simple question that requires simple answers. So this week my question is:

Starting back to school brings back memories of myself being in school. I had lots of great friends and have many memories to share with my family and friends. My question is:

Who was your best friend in school or do you have a special memory about being in school that you can share?


  1. My best friend was Beverly Ewing.

  2. I had a few best friends since we moved a lot - the best that come to mind are still my best friends today!

  3. I had a couple best friends. I am glad for facebook.

  4. My best friend in elementary school was Shasta. In middle school Nicole, DeAnn, Emily and Anne. In high school Anne, Holly and DeAnn. I am still best friends with DeAnn to this day and I'm 28 Years old so we've been friends for 14 years!

  5. My best friend was always Anna. We did everything together!! We are still great friends. She has two boys that are around the same age as my boys so the play together a lot.

  6. I had a few best friends growing up..
    but once I left for a different school...
    friendships drifted apart


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