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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away what to do when rain spoils plans

Rain Rain Go Away

Come Again another day
Little Susie wants to go outside and play today

Do you remember this old rhyme. Of course we added the name Susan because that is the name of my oldest daughter. you can add your child's name in the lyric if you wish. Does it not always seem that just when you have a fun outside day planned that the Mother Nature has other plans and the weather does not cooperate? Well when this happens you can still have fun with your child by bringing the outdoor fun inside. You can have that picnic in the living room by spreading a blanket on the floor and eating your picnic goodies together. Play a version of hide and seek by hiding an object and then having the children look for it. Remember being together is the most important part of a good family time whether it is inside or out simply have fun.

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