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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year in Review of Annies Home

Well the year started out with a bit of not knowing exactly what I was to do. It seems as if I needed an outlet and the blogging world accepted me in with open arms.

I started to visit alot of blogs and find memes that I could participate in. Blogging was a learning process and one that I knew little about but also one that I met friends quickly

I began to hold of the blogging world and started reaching out beyond daily post and started reviewing great products as well as hosting giveaways

Yet even more great reviews/giveaways I am really starting to enjoy my status as a review blog and I am meeting great friends

Earth day was a big event on my blog sharing tips on how to go green, how to recycle and teach our children how to follow what we are doing.

Found me participating in a lot of memes that allowed me to meet more friends and share what I was feeling

started summer out right also saw me leaving this month for a week to travel to Florida with the youth so you all saw even more pictures of my little princess

summer month wonderful pictures of festivals, fireworks were shared

I shared tips on going back to school as well as how to make the end of summer wonderful

I started sharing apple recipes, tips for Halloween and even more fall fun

I shared Halloween tips and trips

what a month November was filled with great fall fun, thanksgiving recipes and yes more great reviews and giveaways

Wonderful fun post for Christmas, candy and recipes

what did you do on your blog? Share them on the blog musings of a housewife

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  1. What a great year you had Well done and thanks for the recap :)


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