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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The end of "The Tyra Show"

I must admit a secret to you I have watched "The Tyra Show" and while it is not a favorite of mine it is a show that I do like to watch. Tyra Banks has announced that this season, her fifth season, will be the last season for "The Tyra Show". Tyra admits to People Magazine that it has been fun and she has loved bringing the show to T.V. for the past five years. The reason for ending the show this spring is because Tyra has another bold idea on the horizon. She will be focusing on starting up a New York based film production company called Bankable Studios. Tyra believes that the new studio will allow her to reach more women and young girls

what do you think?


  1. I never really watched the show. But good for her if she is able to start this and feels it will help others.

  2. I think when I did tune into her show it was for the shock I can't say that I will miss it :/

  3. I love Tyra..The show has had many great episodes,but as with all television it tends to get overtaken with nonsense.I would rather see her focus on other things as opposed to turning into Jerry Springer.I do think she is a great woman to admit flaws and failures openly and address problem issues head on.

  4. My teenage daughter will be disappointed to hear this. She watched Tyra every day when she came home from school.


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