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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bebe Dulce Review

Many of my readers know that I love the cute onesies that have words, patterns or pictures on them. They are adorable and I love to see them on my Princess. Bebe Dulce sent me a super cute onesie for me to review and I am here to tell you that Princess will look adorable in it.

The super colorful fish helps to show her personality being vibrant and active.

Bebe Dulce has some super attractive products available ranging from blankets, burp cloths, to shoes. Parents and grandparents will be delighted to shop for their little ones. The cuteness involved in such great products in with such a great variety that there will be one to provide for their own personality.

Claire Harvey Eads started the Bebe Dulce line through a hobby but that hobby quickly turned into a new career for her. Claire's mother taught her her how to sew and create early in life. From that early start Claire developed a love to create using her mothers sewing and craft room where she would make clothes, photo albums, soaps and more. As Claire grew older she went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC where she would study Fashion Merchandising. Upon graduating from FIT she moved to Aspen, Colorado and worked for a ski wear manufacturer in the design department. Later she would design handbags and jewelry before starting her new adventure of Bebe Dulce.

You can purchase Bebe Dulce products from their website located at or find a store near you at


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