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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wrestler Umaga dies

My family has for a very long period of time been wrestling fans. The other day we read the very sad news that one of the wrestlers we had watched for a long period of time had passed. Eddie Fatu AKA Umaga passed away at the young age of 36. While Umaga made a name for himself he has many well known wrestling relatives. The Great Wild Somoans, and the now popular hollywood star Dewayne "Rock" Johnson were all relatives. Umaga joins the sadly list of wrestlers who have passed before their time. This is a very sad feat not only for the family of the wrestlers but also the fans that loved them


  1. Sorry to hear about his passing. Rest in Peace my friend :)

  2. Oh my hadn't heard about yet another one! This is so tragic it seems like a awful high rate of wrestles are dying much too early. Will have to tell my husband, I recognize the name so it's a good chance he'll know who that is.


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