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Monday, November 30, 2009

Saving Time and Money for Christmas

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Wow can you believe it Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner. Were you able to find any buys on black Friday? My problem with black Friday is that I love to get the buys but don't love the early hours. This year we went shopping a bit later and still found lots of great buys. Each year that I go I normally find great buys and save a pretty good chunk of money. So that is probably my first tip is to be ready, save money, and look for those buys in special places like black Friday, sales that pop up and even on the Internet. If you are ready with the money and watch for those sales I am sure that you will find some great buys along your shopping route.
Here are some other wonderful tips to save time and money:
  • Create a list of gifts that you want to buy for others as soon as possible. If you have an idea of what others are looking for then shopping can be done anywhere at anytime. I have found great gifts at garage sales, craft sales and end of season sales. The reason you can find gifts at garage sales is because some garage sales will sell items that are new from the store with tags on them. These gifts are great because while the person selling them may not want them the individual you are buying for may be looking for that very item.
  • I also love to buy from Internet sites that allow you to ship to store. If an item is hard to find but desired by someone on your list check on the Internet to see if it is available to ship straight to the store. The endless hours of shopping for that certain item is halted and you can still surprise the one you love with the gift they want
  • For years I have shopped wherever and whenever and saved for Christmas. By this I mean when I go to the warehouse to buy fireworks in July there is a warehouse mall where great buys can be found I do Christmas shopping not that I know who will get the item but that I will have it on hand. This year when I opened my box to see what I had and who would get what I found out that over 1/2 my Christmas was done. I had teachers gifts, a gift for the preacher and his wife, and even several for my children and grandchild. Now all I have to do is fill in the gaps and wow what a time and money saver that will be.

Perhaps you have tips that you would like to share. The Twitter Moms group is working with Staples who offers great holiday savings to bring you a contest where 50 moms have the chance to win $25 Staples gift card. Just follow this link to share your money saving tips and enter to win.

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