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Friday, December 4, 2009

Hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange

Do you want to know a way that you can make a dozen cookies, have a bit of fun and go home with more cookies than you came with? We used to do this at work where us girls would each make a dozen or so of cookies and leave with a box full and here is how you can host your own Christmas cookie exchange:

  • First you will have to decide how many people will be invited. The number of people involved will determine how many cookies each person will have to bring. Too few people will yield only a small selection of cookies
  • Once it is decided how many people will be participating then the number of cookies that each guest will have to bring will be decided. I have seen where each member of the group brings a dozen of cookies per participant and I also have seen where you only bring a couple of cookies for each person included
  • Send invitations they can be formal or fun. Geting the point across to your friends can be fun and exciting if you want it to be. Planning the party ahead of time will allow you to give a couple of weeks advance notice. The holiday season can be very busy and the holiday season can get very busy.
  • Perhaps you would like to find out what sort of cookie each person will be bringing it can be very fun if each person brings only one cookie recipe to share and each person brings a different variety. To make it interesting another idea is to not allow the typical chocolate chip, peanut butter etc... so that each person will use their imagination to make the cookies creative.
  • Request each person RSVP at this time you can have them share the variety they will be bringing. Also tell each person to bring a container to place cookies in
  • It would be a great idea for each person to bring an extra dozen to sample. This way each person can taste the delicious goodies while chatting and having a great time
  • It is a great idea for you as the host to provide beverages. Whether they be cocoa, milk or coffee the cookie nibblers will be able to enjoy their sample cookie with a drink.

    That is how to host a cookie exchange. If not this year then maybe next year.

shared on the blog the Inspired Room. as well The 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven

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  1. I love the idea of a cookie exchange, I also like to make copies of my recipe to take home with the cookie. THANKS!!! for the GREAT!!! post.


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