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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Walt Disney with disney printables

While I am just a day late on this event it is one that I always had my children recognize when they were younger. We would color Disney characters and hang them in the windows and occasionally have a special dessert for supper that night. Walt Disney would have celebrated his 108th birthday this year. It is not many individuals who have completed and tried as much as Walt Disney.

Walt Disney was the force behind America's entertainment in the 20th century. Walt Disney's life could be read as success story conquering Americans hearts along the way. A man from the same state as I being born in Chicago Illinois in 1901. Shortly after though his entire family moved to Mississippi. It was here that he fell in love with the small towns and steam engines. Which would inspire his first character. The family would move back to Chicago when Walt was in high school and he would become the school newspaper cartoonist. Earning Walt just a bit more experience that would prove to be of use in his life. Walt would team with his brother Roy to start the Walt Disney company. In 1928 Walt would introduce his leading character Mickey Mouse and would give him voice in 1946. In 1929 other characters such as Donald and Goofy were slowly added as friends of Mickey. Walt Disney would pull the cartoon/entertainment world just a bit further when in 1937 he would introduce the first full length animated film "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" With his success he would introduce other full length films in the next few years.

1955 would see Walt Disney opening up his first theme park where he welcomed all in Anaheim, California Other theme parks would open soon after. Walt Disney would see his success continue until his death in 1966. Yesterday was Walt's birthday and I must tip my hat and say Happy Birthday for what wondrous works you did.

Walt Disney color and activity sheets to print:

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