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Thursday, December 17, 2009

White Chocolate Dipped Ritz and PB and Oreos

This is easier to fix than any other Christmas recipe that I make. They are simply melting white block chocolate and dipping ritz peanut butter sandwiched crackers and oreos. These are delicious.
listed at Simply Sweets Home blog for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash


  1. When I was in school, I was in the future homemakers club, and at our December meeting we had the penaut butter crackers dipped in chocolate as a snack. I immediately went home and shared the recipe with my parents.

    It's so yummy, yet so easy! Thanks for linking up at the Holly Bloggy!

  2. We let the kids make these every year for the holidays. They're easy and the kids enjoy making them, adding sprinkles on the tops.


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