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Friday, December 18, 2009

FashionPlaytes A Neat Idea for Christmas save $15 off purchase of $25 discount code

Do you have a daughter that loves to play with their clothes? My daughter used to love to make matching outfits. She started young around 5 or 6 and continues on today. I just found out about a wonderful place that allows your daughter to create their own outfit. Fashionplaytes allows the creator to follow simple steps on the Internet to create and design their clothing line. From backpacks to dresses and everything in between FashionPlaytes can in reality become your child's new clothing line. They select the color, style, what embellishments if any they want and it becomes theirs. They can show these wonderful outfits off to their friends and when they ask where they can get one like it they can brag that they created it their selves using the FashionPlaytes website. What fun.

I think that FashionPlaytes would make a great gift for any tween or teen from ages 6 to 16. Just think of all the praise you could get from the little designer in your life. In return you get to watch them as they create the one of a kind look.

The creator of FashionPlaytes was a young designer at heart that would create her outfits that she would love to wear and her talented mother would create them for her. Now she wants to make this a reality for all those young girls that are designers at heart. Sarah believes that by allowing the young designers this advantage they will build self esteem and create something unique. The best part is that FashionPlaytes has kept economics in mind and the prices are terrific as well. So yes we can allow our children to design their own clothing at around the same price the stores charge.

FashionPlaytes would like to introduce their products to you and offer a $15 discount on your first order by using the code TwitterMom15

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