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Monday, December 14, 2009

Soda Stream

When we received the soda stream you would have thought I had won the lottery with the way the kids acted. They could not believe they would be able to make their own soda. Yes, and I was happy as well because with 6 teens alot of money goes into buying beverages that the teens approve. The Soda Stream made the teens and me happy at the same time. No more having to lug home those crates of soda or heavy 2 liter bottles and no longer do I need to have a special place for the soda. One of the best things about the Soda Stream is that we can use our own glasses so the chore of recycling is cut down as well.
It is so easy to make the carbonated drinks as well as the soft drinks. We have a station simply for the Soda Stream now. Tap water is simply turned into sparkling water in under 30 seconds with no mess and protecting the environment. You can make the drink the way you want it add as much fizz and taste as you want with your choice of syrup flavor.

The Soda Stream would make a great gift for your self or someone you love. Saving lots of money is always welcome. I am thinking about my teens in college here. The soda money they use could be sliced with the Soda Stream. With the great variety of sodas, waters, and energy drinks I am sure you will find a flavor that you love. Just think of all those cans and bottles that can be eliminated by using the Soda Stream. For the figure of a little under $5 you will get the equivalence of 33 cans of pop. Wow what a great deal when the 24 packs of soda cost $6+ where I live at.

Buy: If you would love to try the Soda Stream for your self or another you can order directly off the Soda Stream website. located at

Note: I did receive a soda stream machine and a variety of flavors to base my opinion on for this review. This is my opinion you may agree or disagree with it.

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