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Monday, October 5, 2009

Tractor Blue

This blue tractor was part of the homecoming parade. The young man driving it is a friend of my oldest son. His family owns the local tractor implement center. If you look close enough you can see many different items with blue but the biggest of course is the tractor.

Find more hues of blue at Smiling Sally


  1. Yes,it's all blue but I've never seen a tractor shaped like this.Nice!Have a good week.Happy blue monday.

  2. Great photo for the this. Plenty of blue in there :)

  3. That is a nice blue tractor. We had a bright orange one before we moved to where we are living now.

  4. That's the first BLUE tractor I've seen. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Great tractor! I'll bet he was a favorite in the parade! Thanks for sharing.

  6. You know, I don't ever think I've seen a blue tractor. I've seen green John Deer tractors. I've seen yellow catepillar tractors (and those are like HUGE machines), and I've seen red Ford tractors... but I am loving that blue! Glad you shared this. It's neat!

    Happy Blue Monday!


    Sheila :-)

  7. hi
    my first time by here. Glad you stopped by so i found you and Glad you are having a good Monday.
    I know my blue post was kind of lame, just wanted to join in on the fun.
    blessings and nice to meet you!!

    barbara jean


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