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Friday, October 9, 2009

Pioneer Life

I visited the near by pioneer village with my daughter and took these pictures. I am not for sure that she would want to go back to the simplier life where all was done by hand, no electricity or the personal goods we have now. But there are days that I would
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  1. Hi Annie
    Thanks for popping over my way..

    Coincidently I just found some pics of a miniature pioneer town i visited many many moons ago..

    Aren't we lucky we don't have to do everything by hand now? Especially for you! 6 kids!! I'm in awe! hehe Have a great weekend. Julie

  2. I would love to live like that for a while :). Great photos

  3. Hey, Annie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I think it would be a wonderful experience to live like that for a short time. Like a day maybe. Or just a few hours! :)


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