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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Frustration

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My Friday Frustration is the frustrating problem I have been having with my internet service. It seems like at least once a day something happens that makes the internet go off. One time the internet company actually told me it would be off several days because it was not their problem it was mine but after a bit of time the internet did come back up and we ended up being part of a wide outage. When you pay such high prices for Internet coverage I would love to be able to not have the problem of it going out for several hours at a time nearly every day. I have thought about changing but not for sure what options are out there since I live in a small rural area where there are not allot of choices.
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  1. Annie, I have Cox and haven't had the problems you describe. But then again, I live in a metro area; Phoenix so maybe that's why. I hope you get something worked out because I know how much we depend on the Internet.


  2. Those lack of internet moments turned some of my hairs grey.

    Thanks for participating in Friday Frustrations.


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