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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tips to get that meal on the table

Moms are busy now days and many of us wonder if we will actually get it all done. Twenty Four hours sounds like quite a bit of time but in reality it is just often not enough time to get it all done. We want the best for our family and that includes offering them delicious and healthy meals. The problem is that many of us see that supper time hour roll around and yet have no idea what we will serve for supper. This is where the fast food, sit down and take out restraunts all end up seeing business. That is why I want to share three of my special tips in getting supper on the table.

  1. Planning: it all starts with planning. I often begin with the Sunday newspaper looking for the best deals make a list of them and see what meals I can create out using the list. After this I fill in gaps in the teens favorite meals and ones that I know are economical as well. I then create a shopping list putting the meals on a piece of paper and posting this on the fridge. In order to sufice picky eaters I allow them one day to let me know if there is something on the list they will not eat. If I need to buy subs I do this or often try to figure out what is allready in the fridge freezer I can provide for subs of what they wont eat.

  2. Shopping and Having ready: One thing that I know will slow me down is if I do not have items on hand at home. To solve this problem I shop once a week which saves me time and money. The night before a meal is to be made I gather all up and sit them on a shelf in the fridge. I also love to cook ahead of time if possible. I love the cookbook Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms. This cookbook helps give guided outlines on how to prepare ahead of time, cook and freeze for later use.

  3. Scheduled time: I am a big schedule person and if I schedule the time to start cooking and time to serve I do alot better with time. It is often time that throws me a curve ball and if I can ward off the time war then things will go about much smoother.

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