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Thursday, October 1, 2009

13 great buys I got today

I went shopping today and 13 great buys I got were
  1. wonder bread .33 a loaf on sale for .88 and .55 cents off
  2. eggs .88 a dozen
  3. velvetta 2.00 a 3 lb loaf great sale
  4. shredded cheese .99 on sale
  5. sliced cheese .99 on sale
  6. 24 pk soda 2.99
  7. cookie mix .18 each coupon + sale
  8. cake mix free coupon + sale
  9. icing .59 coupon + sale
  10. 25 lb sugar 10.00
  11. scalloped potatos .59 a box coupon + sale
  12. instant potatos .19 a pack coupon + sale
  13. milk 1/2 gal .99

these are great and I am super happy to selec these as my list of 13 for this week

go here to play along


  1. ms. annie, i am terribly sorry that i haven't been down here in a while. i have been busy spreading the philippine red cross links to my friends. my country has suffered a catastrophe not heard of in more than 20 years, and has rendered the people homeless and in desperate need of help. the same thing happened to indonesia and samoa only a few days afterwards. please, may i ask you to post a short article with my url on it to redirect your readers to my site? some of them might want to contibute. the title of my post with the links is 'thank you for helping us.'~~~thank you, ms. annie, and God bless!

  2. And now you have to put all this together and cook, lol !

  3. I"m not very lucky when it comes to good deals. My husband told me last night with our Kroger (grocery strore) card gas was only 2.08! He is the good deal finder :)

  4. I haven't bought milk for that price in years! These ARE great buys!


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