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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Psalms 1: A word filled post

I love this scene as the sun is going down and peace is all around. As a kid I loved to go to the rez and sit and look at the water. Peaceful time to talk to the Lord above.

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  1. Gorgeous picture to accompany a beautiful Psalm. Looks very peaceful and like a great place to sit!

  2. So beautiful, so calm and relaxing.

    Did you take the picture?

    Hope you are having a blessed day.

    Great word!

  3. Blessings...I so agree about this beautiful scene and Psalm! It's a beautiful combination, so calm & relaxing! May you enJOY a peaceful
    Word Filled Weds. Sit and talk awhile with the LORD as you reflect on this lovely place in His Presence! Thanks for your visit!

  4. sooooo pretty and soooo calming...

    peace to you this afternoon!


  5. Gorgeous picture and love that verse!

  6. A beautiful picture, and I love those verses. I set some of them to music.

  7. I love the picture it gives me a peaceful feelings.


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