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Monday, September 28, 2009

PruneBelly Syndrome

Before meeting a fellow blogger on facebook I had never heard of the disease known as Prune Belly Syndrome. It seems that a fellow blogger mom has a son who suffers from this disorder. Prune Belly Syndrome if you are like me and had either never heard of it or are just not sure what it is a rare birth disorder that only affects like 1 in every 40,ooo births. Prune Belly Syndrome affects primarily males and affects the abdominal muscles of the child. This disorder not only can affect the abdominal muscles but also the kidneys, heart, lungs, bones and hearing as well as affecting other areas as well. Many of the children born with Prune Belly do not make it to see their second birthday. If the child does make it past that point they often see many days of hospitals and doctors. As I said one of my dear blogger friends made me aware of the Prune Belly Syndrome and to help make others aware she has dedicated a cool blog to help spread awareness. Find out more at the Prune Belly Syndrome blog page

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  1. My ex-husband's nephew has this. We no longer communicate but I know this little fellow has to endure a lot. It is very rare, so your post caught my attention.

  2. Never heard of this before - off to check out the link. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've never heard of this before. Thanks for the information.


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