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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green Cricket review

GreenCricket is one of those great companies that I admire. It is the type of company that cares about its customers, the product it creates and the earth that they are located on. GreenCricket is located in Toronto and began their adventure in early 2008. GreenCricket's goal is to bring quality products that are convenient, meaningful and fun. The best part is that customers are loving the products GreenCricket is selling. Products sold by GreenCricket are items for the spa, baby, outdoor, pets, personal care, yoga and apparel. GreenCricket has set down strict green guidelines that the products sold must meet. Susan Mey, the leader of GreenCricket, realizes that customers do not always have time to research or seek out the products that are best for them, their family and the earth. That is why she wants GreenCricket to research the products customers request, need and want. GreenCricket online site will share the reason as to why certain products are chosen to be sold as well.

We received this charming tea set. Just perfect for Princess and her first tea party do you not think. Whether she will be imagining enjoying a cup of green tea or playing dress up with the dollies she is sure to have tons of fun. Green Cricket believes this tea set worthy of being sold on their website. The tea set is made from all Eco-Friendly materials and meets the FDA spec for food contact. Ever wonder about all those milk cartons that are thrown into the dump every day? Well this great green tea set sold by GreenCricket is made up by using those empty milk cartoons. The tea set conforms to the requirements of ASTM standard consumer safety specification on toy safety.
My personal thoughts on the tea set is that I love it. As all of my readers know Princess is top in my book and only the best for her. The thickness of the plates and cups and the chubbiness of the tea pot will allow Princess to easily play with it. I also feel great because of it meeting all the safety standards. I love the green products in today's world. When my children were young we were not so aware of these terrific products.
You can purchase any of the great green products by visiting the GreenCricket website

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  1. Love it can I have one. I miss out on all the cool girl stuff ;)


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