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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This Tuesday finds my heart full of gratitude. I am so thankful for all that has been done for me and my family. The Lord provides in mysterious ways and many of which we are not even aware of as of yet. We have been learning in church about Elijah and how God is faithul and God is good all the time. Even in time of sadness and sorrow there is always a reason to praise our Lord.

This week I am thankful that my son has a leader in his life and that because of this leader he is becoming a leader himself. Yesterday afternoon in front of 60+ peers my son stood up and shared his testimony. Praise God!!!! This is the young man who at 7 years old was not talking well and was told he may never learn to read or write. God knew better and my son is being used as insturment of the Lord and through him is witnessing to others.

My heart was delighted as I was able to see my granddaughter Princess this week. We had such a great visit. I love it when she says Nana I love you. I love her with all my heart. I bought her a purse that she knew how to place it on her shoulder and carry it around. Her mom does not carry a purse but her Nana does and she wanted to be like nana. Makes my heart feel good to know that God provided a little bundle like Princess for this family to love.

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  1. As always a wonderful list. The Princess just is awesome :) Aloha


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