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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fragments August 7, 2009

Mrs 4444 hosts this wonderful meme on the blog Half Past Kisses. Feel unsettled, like you have too much on your plate? Does your life feel somehow incomplete? Try writing a Friday Fragments post and linking up here; it just might do the trick :) (Just kidding, of course, but FF is very satisfying :) [What are Friday Fragments? Click the button above to learn more.]

This week has seen my son so bored he actually got his wresting figurines out and played with them. It is hard for me to say that he had these since he was a kid because to me he still is. He jokingly told me that he was taking his wrestlers to college with him calling them collectibles and when no one was around and he was bored he would play with them LOL> He is quite a character.

Oldest daughter has taken her bedroom from trash to treasure. Last week you could not even walk in the room and now it looks creative and cute. She has been spending alot of time working on this. Soon she will start college so wonder what the room will look like then.

The oldest son is leaving to go to school and I often wonder if he has it all together and ready to go. He informed me that "Mom I have had all I am going to take packed for about 2 weeks now" That just goes to show you when you raise your children to be responsible there is no reason to worry about them.

well those are a few of my friday fragments what are yours? Visit the blog Half Past Kissin Time to add your own or read others

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  1. You raised him well :) But I'm sure, as all mom's do you'll still worry LOL


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