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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Little Passports review

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Do you want the children in your life to understand about different countries as well as the customs of others around the world. Well there is a great way that your child can do just that. The company Little Passports has created a way for the world to come to your child. Children will find that the ticket to exciting adventures around the world. Through the Little Passports packages that come to your door your children will learn about the wonderful history, geography, culture and language with hands on learning without having to go out the door of their own home

What child does not want to have something of their own. They only have to share if they want to. I can remember the book clubs that my mom signed me up for. Those were my books and I shared only if I chose to. Along the way your child will meet the tour guides of sorts Sophia and Sam. These guides will help your child learn facts about parts of the world they have never been to. Through the Little Passport program once a month your child will receive a personalized letter from, fun and unique souvenirs and gifts that bring each country to life, and secret code to access online games and activities

We were lucky enough to receive the Little Passports First Month's Explore Kit. I loved the little suitcase that they can keep all their important papers in. I also like it that my nephew decided that he would also use it to double as his pajama carrier when he came to stay the night. He loved the little suitcase and I loved the opportunity to look over all the wonderful papers together. We could read about different parts of the world together and discuss what we learned. This was wonderful one on one time together. We were learning through play and open discussion.

Why not open your child's attention up to the larger world and have that special one on one time together? For just under $11 a month you can build your child's self esteem, have a bonding experience like no other and learn facts about the world that you may not of otherwise learned. This is also great for all those homeschooling families that are looking for an opportunity to use lessons about the world.

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