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Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Boo Cradle Me

Cradle Me

Have you ever brought your little one home to be adored by all the little ones around? The little ones that think they are big enough to hold the baby. The Cradle Me is the perfect tool for making even the little one feel big. The Cradle me also helps new mothers who are weak and still desire to breast feed their baby. The great Baby Boo Cradle Me helps to smooth out the kinks in holding the little one in just the perfect position.

The cradle me does more than just swaddling the baby. The Baby Boo Cradle Me supports and protects while softly swaddling. The Cradle Me is created of a knit breathable material that helps ensure the baby stays warm and secure. The Cradle Me is designed to replica the womb where the baby was cared for. Let me tell you that the material the Cradle Me is created from is so very soft. I think it feels wonderful against my skin so the baby that is so lucky to get wrapped in the Cradle Me will know it is loved. If you are preparing for a new baby in your life or looking for the perfect baby gift you need to check out the Cradle Me.
Baby Boo also sells many other items your baby will love. These items include the softest of blankets to wrap your little one in, sleep sacks that will keep your little one content, bibs and even the booties and beanies that your little one needs for warmth when they are first born. Oh the greatness of Baby Boo and their wonderful baby products will put a smile on any new mommies face.

Baby Boo was started with the vision of support and protection of newborns with the wonderful soft receiving blankets. The idea was to create a receiving blanket that would support a baby's head and neck while being fed, passed around while being held by family members or friends that popped in while swaddling the little one in a soft loving manner. That idea became the cradle me blanket Since that time Baby Boo has continued to offer wonderful products with the same loving sense in mind. All of this done so that the bond between baby and family members is built strong

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