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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Classy Closet Blog Swap

Hi everyone my name is Jen Hinton! I am excited to do this Classy Closet Blog Swap with Annie! I will be taking over her blog today to give you a little insight of my life, my world, and my heart.

This is my favorite picture I took picture this year of my little one Boston. Since my blog is more of a lifecast and vlogging it's rare I get to speak about mommy stuff. So this is my moment of braggity brag brag!

We had just moved into our house when this picture was taken. We were in the backyard when Boston picked up a dead dandelion. The way he sat and inspected it-amazed me. It made me stop and think too. I sat and looked at that flower...the one that was once pretty and fluffy. Then at some point it was blown away to pieces and then left to the state we found it. It's kind of like life. We start and one things and sometimes we are blown into a bunch of directions but in the end we are the same as we started! Amazing the things you can learn when you stop your busy life and watch your little one.

If you visit you will see a dandelion in my header...thanks Boston. Mommy loves you!

You can visit Jen's blog and see my post here


  1. Awww I love this post! Thanks for sharing Jen -- you should do more like this on your OWN blog!

  2. Jen, life and mother always go hand on hand! You are a great mom and a super fun gal!
    I am very glad we had the chance to meet, at least virtually!
    Kisses to Boston and many blessings to your family!

  3. Adorable photo! Little Boston sounds so cute and I love his picture! So happy to read a bit more about you!

    Happy Wednesday,

  4. great post. love that we know where the flower design on your site came from!

  5. it's incredible when you actually take the time to see the world through your childrens eyes!
    i love this post!!


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