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Friday, August 7, 2009

Approaching Football

Next week the foot ball team will start the two a day practices becasue very soon the games will begin. I am so excited. My son will be playing his senior year of football. He will not be attempting to play in college since he will be concentrating on his school work. The four years of football that he has played have been great fun for the entire family. He did the practices but we all loved to hear the stories around the supper table. Friday nights will be great one last season as the games are sure to be exciting. One of the finer things in life is playing sports so if you have a child who would love to try be sure to let them.

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  1. Absolutely! High School sports are great (for the player and the fans!)

  2. You are singing my song! :) We LOVE football season. My hubby starts 2-a-days in a week. My "job" when it's hot and the guys are tired is to surprise them with popsicles or ice cream bars. I love being the hero. :)

    Best of luck to your son in his senior year. What position does he play?


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