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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday July 21, 2009


Football Season seems to start earlier and earlier every year. This year the boys were in the weight room working out before school was out in May. Today we go get his football physical at the doctor because next week is the start of formal football camp. So for a while we will play football but games do not start until August 21, 2009. Why is it that the boys start working out so early? I have no idea. I know many boys who will be playing baseball and working out for football. Now that is a bit crazy but as long as the boys like it dont overwork their selves and can keep up I think it is a great idea to keep them busy. We have been quite lucky as the weather has been lovely

The weather here has been great temps in 70s and 80s primarily. Some 60s in the night. I am not sure when I last remember a summber being this mild. Not to complain I love it this way the AC is not working as hard as it would that allows the electric bill to be a bit lower. I truly can enjoy the weather when we don't have to wear it.

Talking about wearing it before long it will be time to go back to school time and shopping time. I have allready been trying to catch up on school supplies with the great sales that are going on. I love to shop early and make the biggest bang for my buck. This year though I told the kids I was going to give them $100 to do whatever they wanted with and that was it. With 5 kids going back to school that comes to about $500 out of pocket.

Well those are my random thoughts what are yours? Want to post them or read others? Head over to the Unmom blog


  1. WOOT: Football season...can't wait :)

  2. It has been a really nice summer hasn't it? Great randomness!!

  3. Oy, 5 kids is a lot of back-to-school expenses!

  4. Oh, wow, five kids to school? Oy! And a hundred bucks for back to school? Sprite is only two, but I should probably start saving now, huh?

  5. Wait, the school sales have started already? Thank you for mentioning that!


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