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Friday, July 24, 2009

Master Lock new Combination Lock

Back to school time is coming soon and that means using lockers and locks once again. Because there are three minutes in between classes it is popular for students to fix their locks to shimmy open. The only problem is that when they do this they leave any thing in their lockers up for grabs. That is why I love the Master Lock new Combination Lock which would be perfect for school.

Our school requires the students combinations to be kept in the office thus the students can not use key locks. I understand this rule at the same time wish my students belongings would be a bit safer and now because of the Master Lock it can be. The reason that this is possible is because Master Lock has reinvented the padlock. This time with a block guard anti shim technology. No longer will it be possible to shimmy the lock open by simply poking an object into the latch area. Yeah!!!!! I believe as a mother this is wonderful. The great Master Lock 1505 and 1525 combination locks contain the new shimmy free device. To make it even more attractive the old black and white lock has been replaced by many different colors. Now the student can pick their favorite lock.

Want even more great news? Check out the speed dial combination lock 1500id

check out the set your own combination lock 1590 D

These are great for your child to take back to school as well. In addition these locks come with a special bonus.

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Both the 1590D and the 1500id are based on what students have requested from Master Lock for years. Both locks are available at this time just in time for back to school an offer the student added strength and security. With the added customizable functionality and new technology allows students to use their unique learning style to choose the perfect lock for their self.

The 1500iD Speed Dial Set Your Own Combination Lock is the only one presently on the market. It uses directional movement to open up using the up, down, left and right directions rather than the traditional rotary numbers. It opens faster than the traditional locks, offers more security and can be customizable. Users create their own combination, has a resettable adaption where the student can create their own easy to remember combination of numbers or movements. For those who would rather use numbers, letters, colors, shapes and symbols this great lock comes with adhesives that can be applied over the proper arrows. This is the perfect lock for the students in the scenario of time running out because it is quick and personable.

The 1590D Set you Own Combination Lock is designed for the traditional, nostalgic user who is more comfortable with using a more traditional lock. This great lock has a reset function. Wonderful for the teens who quickly forget their combinations. This is probably the reason why the office holds the combinations at school. Owners of this great lock will create their own combination using three letters or numbers and after that operate the lock in the standard way.

Both locks are wonderful for students or anyone needing a great combination lock and are available from Master Lock. So find your student the perfect lock to travel back to school with.

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