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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Notebook Experience July 23, 2009

This week we have been to the doctor a few times. One was for my granddaughter and the second for my son to get his physical. Remember children should get physicals or a general check up at least once a year. Taking my son to the physician was not as dificult as taking my granddaughter. Her schedule seems set in stone so there are a few tips that we follow and also found on the blog PsychMama located in a post called 12 tips for better doctor visits with kids.

What we found useful:

  • morning visits pay off you know the doctor has not become too far behind and have hopes of a short visit. Now while this is not always true if you have the first appointment of the day if your doctor is like ours and makes hospital rounds first. It is always better to schedule like around 9:30 in our instance. We know that he will be there, possibly on time and we will be seen before lunch.

  • Dont dress child frilly, lots of snaps, or etc.... the easiest manner is something that will slip off

  • A second adult is often nice to have along. I have traveled to doctor appointments with sister in law, daughter and niece. It allows them to listen to the doctor while I manage child

  • Favorite toy or blanket as post explained often allows child comfort and keeps them busy while waiting

  • liked an idea shared in post that I had never thought about crayons to color on exam table paper Since they don't reuse it why not color on it

  • second think I learned was that Sweat Ease which is just sugar water helps to allow child to calm easier (never knew about this one)

  • Yet the last great tip I learned is that they have general anesthetic that they can rub on skin prior to taking blood or giving IV

These tips may make your doctors visit easier with your child. I know for one thing I am going to find out about the cream that can numb the skin prior to getting another IV. I know that I hate them and children have to as well. Would love to know if you have any tips of your own please leave in comments.

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