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Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child

Did you almost die of embarrassment when your child walked in on you and your husband doing you-know-what? Want to scream bloody murder when your toddler colored on your floor with a Sharpie? Feel like a terrible mother when your kid used a swear word in front of your in-laws? Well don't! Mothers aren't perfect and neither are children, so today I thought we'd switch things up a little and do a Not my child! Monday!

Sound like fun? Then let's get going!
It was not my grandchild that has learned how to crawl and can get around quite easily though. It is not my daughter her momma that never learned how to crawl and instead scooted around on her bottom to get herself around. It is not my grandchild who is nothing like her momma because she also has her own flair in crawling she has one bent leg in the crawling position and the other is in a straighter manner as she seems to be using it to push her off.

It is not this daughter that told me that she had great 4th of July pictures that she forgot to give me when she was down and that I will have

wonderful 4th of July pictures in August LOL

It is not these two girls, my younger daughters that I went to camp with in Florida and had me twirling around in circles. We did not have a bit of fun bunking together. We do not have stories that we could tell you for hours. These girls are not the messiest room mates while in camp. I am not a bit upset or proud since one of the girls is starting college this year and the other will graduate in May. Now why would that make this momma a bit happy?

See these boys? Everybody had better watch out for them. These boys do not get together and cook up schemes or trouble. These boys are not the type of boys that will sneak up on you and scare you to death. No not these boys. The older boys have not helped the younger ones to grow up having fun. No not my boys. My boys are not the type that want to become great citizens with worthwhile jobs. Their momma would not be a bit proud because one of them wants to be a teacher and the other a preacher. No that would not make their momma a bit proud.

This is not my youngest of the bunch. He is not a bit spoiled. He is not a bit of a terror to his brothers and sisters. The boy pictured here does not love to tease and cut up most of the time. He does not want to learn construction so that he can help others who have been victims of destruction.

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  1. LOL...i just loved this. Excellent about the kids. This is just a riot to read :)


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