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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jade and Pearl Review


Let me share with you about a wonderful company called Jade and Pearl. Jade and Pearl truly believe in organics and life surrounding it. I love the fact that they offer so many wonderful products on one website. I also love the fact that they grow many of the ingredients that go into the products they sell. The gifts that they sell are truly unique and can be used over and over again. Created 30+ years ago the goal was to educate and offer natural products to help curb the popular demand of the hygiene products of the time.

Prior to our trip to Florida we received the wonderful Beat It product that helps to protect the wearer from bug bites from Jade and Pearl. The Beat It product worked like a charm and I recommend it to anyone. I loved that fact that it was made of natural ingredients and was safer than many items that are sold elsewhere. I did not hesitate to use this on my kids or to share with others because I knew that the product was safe and contained no harmful ingredients.

Jade and Pearl sells many other great products including:

Buy: You can buy Jade and Pearl products directly off their website. You can also visit this link to find a store or location near you.

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  1. Living in Florida, this sounds like a product I definitely need to check out! Thanks for telling us about it.


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