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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Fave Five July 24, 2009

My Fave 5 are:

  1. listening to my children making plans for their future I think I could listen to this chatter forever

  2. talking to my mom about old times and present times as well there is no on that knows the gossip like my mom, her mom was like that as well and I think my daughters take that trait but not so sure about myself. If I know it I gossip otherwise I listen alot LOL

  3. my grandbaby Princess as she gets older and I can hear banging around in the kitchen pots and pans as her momma talks to me on the phone. She is my little angel

  4. my nieces and nephews and the way that they are growing into such great little people. Anyone who sees them will love them because they are so cute

  5. the weather has been wonderful around her lately I could live like this year round.

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  1. Excellent list my friend. Glad the weather has been good :) Aloha

  2. I, too, love listening to my kids make plans for their futures. Some of it is silly, some serious, and some purely wishful. But it's all good.

    The weather has been nice around here too.

  3. a Wonderful FFF. I love to listen to children talking like that.

  4. A warm, loving list.

    Have a great week, filled with more of the same!


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