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Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Throw Review $5 can save you frustration

Let me introduce you to two little girls that love to throw things:

Believe me you these two little girls can rock and roll and throw with the best. If you don't believe me just ask their mommas. There is one invention that I have found that can help control the throwing of items and that is called the No Throw

The No Throw is created for babies 3 months plus and has been created to strap around and fit tightly onto baby bottles and sippy cups. Just strap the No Throw strap around the bottle or cup and slip it over the seat belt of the car seat, stroller, high chair or where ever else you may need this wonderful product.

The No Throw was designed by twin sisters who grew tired of the pick up game after an embarrassing flight where the item had been tossed about quite a bit. Because of the airplane ride the sisters went to work on a wonderful product so this would not only happen to them again but to any other parent, grandparent, or care giver. If your toddler enjoys the pickup game take a second and think about a wonderful time where you would not have to numerously pickup the item for a repeated number of times. There is a No Throw that will fit your toddlers personality since there are many available patterns and colors.

Buy: Nothing could be more worth the money. For just $5 you can get your little one a wonderful No Throw that both you and your child will find useful. Purchase online and take advantage of these great no throw deals (1)for a limited time there is no shipping charge on orders of 6 or less (2) purchase 7 then the shipping is $1.00 (3) If you buy 3 you get one free
I listed this at the blog The Diaper Diaries for Things I Love Thursday


  1. Can't wait to get mine and minimize all the screaming when things are dropped in the car!

  2. What a great idea for stroller rides and car trips. Thanks for sharing!!


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