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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Lonely Among Us Need CHeered Up

July 11th was a great day to cheer up the lonely. While the National day occurs on that date any day is truly a great day to call someone you know is most likely lonely, send some flowers to let some one know you care, give a card to someone that may need to know they are not alone or simply share a snack with that new person at work that really does not know anyone yet. It's never a good thing to feel alone but if you do any of the small task I offered then neither you or the other person will be lonely.

Lonely may appear in many different manners The elderly and those in nursing home or the hospital often occur first to us but lonely can also be the person right next to you. Feeling lonely, unloved and unconnected in a crowd is easier to do than some thing. The young mother who cares for her children all day without any adult friends or social life may be lonely, co-workers that go home to empty homes with no friends or relatives can be lonely and your neighbor may be lonely as well.

Today and any day take time to cheer up someone that may need that boost

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