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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Did you Have a Teddy Bear Picnic??===== Where did the Teddy Bear Come From

Hello!!! Welcome to Teddy Bear Picnic Day. I hope that you were able to spend a bit of time under a shade tree with your teddy bear and someone you love very much. Teddy Bear picnics are most popular in United States, Canada, Australia, and in parts of Europe. The day helps creativity and imagination to be built around a whimsical picnic with teddy bears and those that we love the most. .

The holiday owes its name to a song of the same name by American composer John Walter Bratton and Irish lyricist Jimmy Kennedy

The Teddy Bear made his or her very first appearance during the early 1900s. The President of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy as he was fondly called was an avid hunter. On a 1902 hunting trip in Mississippi Roosevelt had a good shot at a small bear and refused to shoot it. It was not long before the story appeared in the Washington Post as a cartoon. The event and cartoon inspired a toy store owner and his wife Morris and Rose Michtom to request from President Roosevelt to name their tiny bear stuffed animals after none other than Teddy himself. The animals would be known as "Teddy Bears" and popularity would grow quickly and the company they owned the "Ideal Toy" company did so as well.

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