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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Take Your Child To The Library

Last summer was the first time I took my grand-children to the local library. There are lots of books there and my grand-kids were delighted. They have lots of books at home but oh my their eyes were delighted. The library had books that were perfect for them. While the books at home at times may get old the library has something new to check out each visit. The best part is we can read them for free and even take home a book or two if we choose to. The library is perfect to help develop a great reading habit. 

So with so many books how would we ever find the perfect book for us?? Should it be within their reading level or should it be a book that interest them even if it is behind or beyond their reading level?? The great thing is those that are easier to read can be read alone if they choose to and other books a bit above their reading level can be read with a little help from you. The challenging books offers a great way to boost and push them to the next level. 

If you are not sure what reading level they are at there is an easy test the "five finger test" that can help you with this. When your child opens the book to a random page and reads count the words that your child can't read by holding a finger up each time they come across a word to hard for them. When they reach 5 fingers or above the book is a bit too difficult for them. Holding up less than 5 fingers then the book is a good fit for them to read independently. 

Remember the librarian is always there to help them select a book perfect for them. Whether it be their reading level or a them that they are interesting in. They can offer book suggestions based on interests and age. They have experience and know what books may be rather popular and your child will love. 

If your child is into books no matter how easy or hard or theme let them go for it. They are building a love for reading and should be allowed to do so. Criticizing them for reading the wrong book may make them not want to read. My only rule here is that the books must come out of the children's library and must be an age appropriate theme. Challenge them to seek out books that they are interested in. 

Do you have a favorite book at the library?? What does your child love to read?? 

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