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Saturday, April 1, 2017

History Apple Fools Day

April 1st is one day that all those joke loving individuals wait for. Items such as fake bugs, keys to swap, and stories to be carefully told will be ready to roll. It is a fun way to get a laugh or the pranksters think so. Remember in all things be kind to the pranksters. But when and where did all this fun begin.

Some suggest it started April 1st 1582 when France adopted the Gregorian calendar. Before that the new year began on March 25 and not on January 1st. There were still those that wanted to continue to celebrate the old New Year at the beginning of April and these individuals were called "fools" In medieval Frnace, the Feast of Fools fell on January 1. During this time individuals swapped jobs, fake people were elected,

In the 16th century the old French tradition died out and April Fool's Day came to be. The french called the fooled person "April Fish" and the trick was to pin a paper fish to a friends back. Scotland would celebrate April Fools Day or better known as Gowkie Day by attaching a "kick me" sign to their friends backs. Brazil April 1st is known as "lie day" where people try to fool their loved ones with a comedic effect.

You can tell that the American Traditions take a bit of all the cultures for our April Fools Day.

Did you fool anyone today??

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