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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Our Minds May Lie To US The Bible Tells Us The Truth

Sin was a major stumbling block when I was a teenager. I was blinded by my fear and thought I needed to make my own decisions. I was also always aware and afraid that God would punish me for the things I did wrong. My parents were not much help my mother struggled with her mental illness and my daddy worked way to much. I often took care of my younger siblings and thought of ways I would escape some day.

Eventually, I did talk to a youth minister and learned that there were times that the devil could control my thoughts and use them against me. My feelings were something that were mine but could be played against me. Yes I did have it rough but God did and always would love me. The truths in the bible is what I learned to guide my walk. God made promises that showed he would always love me.

There are times that our hearts and minds do not always tell us the truth. The facts are in the bible and that is God's truth. God sent his perfect son, Jesus Christ, from Heaven to save people who needed a savior that would love us enough to die on the cross for us. But, he did not just die he arose from the grave. My father has that kind of power to protect our souls. So when our hearts and minds say to fear and our feelings start to overpower with negative recall the  Love that our God through Christ Jesus did for us.

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